Can You Smoke Weed in Public in Virginia?

Can You Smoke Weed in Virginia?

Yes, Virginia's marijuana laws do not prohibit smoking marijuana for recreational purposes. Similarly, qualified medical cannabis patients in the Commonwealth can smoke cannabis.

Can You Smoke Weed in Public in Virginia?

No. Per Section 4.1-1108 of the Code of Virginia, it is illegal to smoke weed in any public space in the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth also prohibits smoking cannabis in private cars, commercial vehicles, or motor vehicles transporting passengers for hire. Additionally, smoking weed on school grounds and school buses is unlawful under Virginia marijuana laws.

Can You Smoke Weed in a Vehicle in Virginia?

No. The consumption or smoking of cannabis or marijuana products while in a parked or moving motor vehicle in the Commonwealth is unlawful, per Section 4.1-1107 of the Code of Virginia. This also applies to passengers in motor vehicles being driven on the Commonwealth's public highways. The Code of Virginia requires anyone driving with marijuana products in their motor vehicle to ensure the products are in sealed containers and kept away from the passenger areas of the car.

Who Can Smoke Marijuana in Virginia?

Eligible medical marijuana patients and adult cannabis consumers (aged 21 years or older) can legally smoke marijuana in Virginia.

Where Can You Legally Smoke Weed in Virginia?

Under Virginia cannabis laws, cannabis can be legally smoked in private residences. However, the owner of a private residence may set their own rules to prohibit cannabis use on its premises. Generally, the Commonwealth disapproves smoking weed in public places, including workplaces and school environments. Similarly, smoking or consuming weed on federal lands and public housing is illegal in Virginia.

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